Valentines Day…

Well It’s that soppy time of year again for loved up couples to shower each other in all things red and fluffy!

Men, if you really want to be romantic, why not go vintage and buy your special lady something with history, glamour and style?

  Love these 1990’s Chanel logo gold studs, any girl would fall in love with these beauts.

Vintage fairs are springing up everywhere.

There are several leading up to Valentines day, so if you’re stuck for ideas

get down to a vintage fair as they are rife with beautiful gifts for her, and him!!

The Ballerina Vintage Jewellery box. This will fill her with nostalgia taking her back to when she was a little girl.

Perfect romantic gift for her to keep her growing collection of jewels 😉

Might be a good idea to put a little something inside too…

Vintage Mirror Compacts are so pretty, every girl needs one.

If you’re lucky, you can often find these in Charity shops in the glass cabinets, so keep your eyes peeled.

And again, you’ll find them everywhere at the vintage fairs, top quality ones too.

Good luck with your search I hope this helped a teeny bit.

 Need help finding something special?  Ask me and I will find it for you xxx


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